What up y'all! Nip Hussle Blog #2, Tuesday morning I'ma put you up on what shooting my first full movie Wrath of Cain was like.

The homie Ving Rhames is real tight with my manager Big U. He had reached out to him sayin he needed to get me in his new movie that he was shooting. As soon as I heard what the movie was about I could relate to it and knew I wanted to be a part of it. Not because it was about gang banging but because of what the story line and plot represented which was a blood and crip that turned out to be brothers and wound up fuckin with each other because of the trials and tribulations they went through in the streets.

The homie Gillie da Kid played my brother in the movie and was from a blood hood. The movie was some real life shit because the division that gets created in the streets between red and blue means nothing at the end of the day because you're all men when it is all said and done and you gotta stand on your own two feet first.

Shootin the actual movie with Ving was an amazing experience because he is a real professional dude. He really brought out the best in me as a first time actor and he helped guide me through it. I'm real observant whether I'm in the studio makin a record, out in the streets or on a movie set. The first few days I noticed Ving on set about 10 minutes before each scene. He would zone out and not be speakin with anyone. I asked him what that was about and he explained to me the process of getting into character. So before all my scenes I would stop communicating with the people on set and get into character.

I'm in 90% of the movie which took place in the hood and Cybil Brand Prison in Los Angeles. The prison we shot in used to be an all women’s jail that closed a few years ago. We shot the entire movie in 10 days. I really don’t think I got any sleep at all because in between filming I was finishin' up my first single “Hussle Is My Last Name” and Bullets Vol.3. I been pullin 20 hour days for the past month. Nip Hussle All Money In No Money Out...—Nipsey Hu$$le