It's no secret that Black Thought is at an elite level when it comes to freestyling, but he met his match when he battled against Black Panther actress Letitia Wright on The Tonight Show last night (April 18).

Host Jimmy Fallon had Wright kick things off for his Wheel of Freestyle game, where she was given three words that she had to incorporate into her rhymes. The Marvel star, who has previously displayed her skills as a rapper, was given the words "disco," "Red Lobster" and "vibranium" for her first round.

"Check it, me and Black Thought spin your head like a disco ball/Yo, natural disaster, call your pops and let him pray for you," she spits. "Let's go crap some food at Red Lobster/Roots, tell me how I can win an Oscar."

After the Black Panther star nailed her verse, the spotlight switches over to Black Thought, who is forced to spit incorporating the words "yodel," "toothbrush" and "snuffleupagus." While the audience was pretty skeptical that he could do it, the veteran rapper pulled it off flawlessly.

"The Roots are one, two, three, about 10 in total/Ayo, that kid at Coachella, that kid can yodel," he rhymes. "She clean her sneakers with a toothbrush/Don't ever be a boob butt/No one is touching us, you know we hustlers."

At the end of the battle, Fallon spit a freestyle of his own, where Letitia pointed out that he borrowed a line about MC Hammer from her.

Be sure to check out Black Thought and Letitia Wright go head-to-head in the video below.

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