Yesterday (May 16), Blac Youngsta turned himself in to Charlotte authorities after being linked to the shooting of fellow Memphis rapper Young Dolph's bulletproof black SUV this past February. Today (May 17), Memphis' local Fox affiliate reports Youngsta's attorney revealed some very interesting details about the circumstances surrounding his client's arrest.

Apparently, Youngsta rented the van used during the shooting of Dolph's whip, and once the van was discovered, Youngsta turned himself in. Youngsta's attorney says after the rapper rented the van, the vehicle was stolen and used in the shooting, an event that saw 100 bullets fired. It will be interesting to see if this claim holds up.

Yesterday, Youngsta and his purported associates, 23-year-old Frederick Black and 20-year-old Antavius Gardner, were arrested for the shooting. Youngsta, born Sammie Marquez Benson, was charged with six counts of discharging a firearm into occupied property and one count of felony conspiracy.

While being shot at 100 times would definitely traumatize many, Dolph took it in stride. In fact, he did more than that, dropping an album called Bulletproof less than two months later. The cover for the project featured a bullet-riddled SUV. “I got no clue. I really don’t even give a damn. Like, to tell you the honest truth. I really don’t give a damn,” Dolph told us when asked who he thought was behind the shooting.

In a statement to XXL, a rep for Blac Youngsta said, “Memphis-based rap artist Blac Youngsta has turned himself in on charges filed in Charlotte, N.C. The warrants served were based on lyrics from rapper Young Dolph’s Bulletproof mixtape. Youngsta will await arraignment while he maintains innocence and no involvement with the incident.”

Peep the entire news clip for yourself below.

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