Bryan Williams isn't concerned with traditional public relations. The Cash Money Records mogul, better known as Baby or Birdman, built a veritable empire on the back of some of the greatest Louisiana rap records (and maybe some questionable business practices). But the last few months have brought with them a very public feud with his longtime friend and protege, Lil Wayne, who claims Williams is holding his new album, Tha Carter V, hostage. Wayne has sued Cash Money for $51 million; Williams turned around and hit Tidal with a $50 million suit of his own, over the streaming service dropping the Free Weezy Album. Most recently, he and his new project, Young Thug--whose Barter 6 was a clear provocation of Wayne--were implicated in a plot to kill Wayne. And through all of this, he's stayed quiet. Until now.

During an interview with Power 105.1's Angie Martinez at his home in Miami, Birdman said Wayne is "his son" and that he "loves him to death," despite the younger rapper's claims he wants off the label. He dismissed rumors that Drake and Nicki Minaj might leave as "gossip." "Nicki and Drake ain't going nowhere, regardless," he told Martinez. He also stated both Drake and Nicki "are very happy. I got much respect for both of them." In the end, he admits that the future is up in the air: "I don't really know how it's gonna turn out."

Birdman says that he sees Wayne everyday because their studios is right by each other ("We work right next door to each other every day. I don't say nothing"). When Angie asked why doesn't he clear the air with Wayne about the situation, Baby said "in due time." "We're going to do that, but this ain't the time or the place to do that," he said "I know he's traveling, I know his schedule..Imma wait 'til the proper time." He also states that the issue is "not that bad."

He also said he didn't throw a bottle at Wayne when he was performing at Club LIV in Miami two weeks ago. "You watch the tape, you see me right," he told Angie. "If it was disrespect towards [Wayne] it would of been check ASAP. They know what Wayne mean to me." Birdman stated that his crew knows better than to do something like that.

On being named with Young Thug as co-conspirators, along with a third man, in a indictment that stated they allegedly tried to kill Lil Wayne on his tour bus back in April, the Cash Money head honcho said "it's like the crazy shit I ever heard in my life."

"My children mean the world to me, you crazy if you think that," Birdman, real name Bryan Williams said. "I love him, that's my son. I don't play them games" He continued on to say that he and Wayne "spoke several times before that day and after" and "any nigga going to bust a gun at Lil Wayne I got a problem with that." He reaffirms to Angie that he had nothing to do with that shooting and "time will tell it all." He concludes, "hip-hop gets gangsta sometime, you got to be prepared for it."

Watch the interview below.