Birdman is denying any involvement in a conspiracy to kill Lil Wayne.

Just a week ago, official police reports surfaced, pointing to Young Thug and the Cash Money leader as co-conspirators in a plot to take out Weezy back in April. While performing at a club in Atlanta, Wayne got into it with hecklers and his tour bus was shot at as he was leaving the club. Although YT, real name Jeffery Lamar Williams, and Birdman, real name Bryan Williams weren't charged with anything, authorities were investigating their gang activity as related to the case. One Jimmy Winfrey, who was in contact with both YT's camp and Baby the night of the shooting, was identified as the shooter and later turned himself in to police.

Sources close to Baby's camp tell TMZ that he assured Lil Wayne that he was not in any way involved in the April tour bus shooting. Birdman also pledged to help Weezy figure out who all was behind the incident. These sources have confirmed what police reports have said with regards to Birdman receiving a phone call shortly after shots were fired. The documents said that the call was placed between two cellular phones registered to Baby. TMZ reports that the call was placed by someone in Wayne's camp who was anxious to tell Birdman about everything that went down as a concerned friend. According to the sources, the cell phones were registered to Baby's company and everyone associated with Cash Money or Young Money uses them.