For those that grew up in the early '90s, Bill Nye is respected as the god of science. His show, Bill Nye The Science Guy, which originally ran from 1993-1998, put a lot of heads on to how ill science can be. All these years later, Nye is still in the business of educating the youth. For his latest act, he will be rapping alongside Canadian spitter Baba Brinkman on a song about climate change.

Brinkman is working on a project titled The Rap Guide To Climate Chaos and figured Nye would be the perfect companion for a track. “We ended up sharing the bill at a conference,” Brinkman explains. “The Northeastern Conference on Science and Skepticism. I said, ‘Hey Bill, can I get you on the mic?’ And he was like, ‘Aight, let’s go.’”

The track Brinkman chose Nye to hop on is a remix of The Notorious B.I.G.'s "What's Beef," of the same name. But Brinkman and Nye's version is about bringing the heat to global warming deniers. “What’s Beef?/Beef is when the contrarian view/With no data supporting it, still gets through,” Nye spits on the chorus.

Brinkman is no newbie to the genre, having put out 17 albums full of environmentally conscious raps. He has also composed some off-Broadway shows. “It’s very theatrical,” he says about how he blends science and hip-hop. “You can mine hip-hop culture for a mode of expression or a persona to communicate [unexpected ideas]. If it’s done in a self-aware way, there’s a lot of entertainment value.”

This isn't The Science Guy's first hip-hop related moment. Back in 2014, Nye imitated Jay Z by posing in front of a picture of the Brooklyn rapper.

Check out "What's Beef," above.

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