Life has always been based on the decisions made in it, with some of the most important choices coming when things are going bad. BigXthaPlug is now one of Texas' most popular new rappers, despite only rapping for two years. Spending time in and out of jail for aggravated robbery and other charges, he started writing raps in solitary confinement to retain his sanity. When he was a free man in 2020, he dropped Bacc From The Dead and chose to take rap seriously as opposed to when he sporadically dropped songs in 2019. Originally hoping to become a pro football player (he played on both the offensive and defensive line in college), hip-hop eventually became his road to success.

A clever rapper with a distinct voice and a malleable flow, his 2021 songs "Safehouse," "Big Stepper" and "Mr. Trouble" set up his successful 2022, where his buzz turned him into a viral sensation. A Dallas native who is well-versed in his state's musical history, there's a certain crawling bounce to his music, but he is a unique act of his own right. BigXthaPlug is relentless on the mic, motivated by taking care of his family with his talent and raising his son.

He dropped his Big Stepper EP in July 2022, and caught another successful song with "Texas" in November, an ode to his home state's culture. Now, just week's before the release of his album Amar (named after his son) BigXthaPlug jumped on Instagram for this week's episode of The Break: Live to discuss his beginnings in rap, how he remains focused and his love of R&B.

Check out BigXthaPlug's interview below.

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