Gain season is ongoing for Big Yavo. He’s only been making music for a few years now, but his brand of "rappin, trappin’ and pimpin'" has grown larger with each month that has passed by. Tracks like "Rich" and "Him" have beefed up recently, amassing millions of Spotify streams and further stamping his arrival in the rap game. Despite the traction of those records, among others, Yavo is letting it be known that his artistic potential still falls somewhere between unreached and unlimited. So, folks haven’t seen anything yet.

Rapping wasn’t always in the deck of cards that Yavo was dealt. In his early days of coming up in Birmingham, Ala., he spent his time getting to it in the streets, playing baseball and working at Walmart. Closer to 2020, and following his high school graduation, Yavo realized that he wanted to be his own boss. Then, he stepped out on faith, found himself a nice studio and officially launched his career as an artist. Once he got hot from early standouts like "No Pen" and "John Cena," Yavo knew that he had something special.

Over the next few years, he continued to apply pressure, releasing six projects to keep his fans fed. As heard on spotless efforts like On God II (2021), Like Yay (2021) and his most recent effort, The Largest (2022), Yavo shines with punchlines that would make a G.O.A.T.  lyricist like Lil Wayne shed a tear. Yavo has an ear for groovy yet gully production and a smooth flow that he uses to smush everything together. Already, he stands tall as a popular figure in Alabama’s blooming music scene and is surely making his presence felt in the jungle of southern hip-hop.

For this week’s episode of The Break: Live, here, Big Yavo drops by to discuss the backstory on his most successful records so far, the fan-given title of being the "King of Punchlines," his one-of-one Gorilla Dip concoction and much more. Check out the interview below.

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