Big Sean and Jhene Aiko are wasting no time hitting the promo trail for their newly announced Twenty88 album as they are the latest cover subjects of Flaunt Magazine. In the cover story, Sean and Aiko give more information about the project including a theme, featured guests and producers and what the album will sound like.

Based on the artwork and teaser videos released this week, Twenty88 looks like it's set in some sort of alternate universe, which the duo confirmed in the interview. "It's a '70s aesthetic, but we're in the future." said Aiko. "We've created another world. Both me and Sean are super into fantasy-driven movies and so combining stuff like robots and sex, that pretty much sums it up.

"Robots are sexy as shit," added BIg Sean. "We've created these characters that are extensions of ourselves."

As far as the sound, Flaunt revealed that along with previously announced producers like Key Wane, Detail and Tommy Brown, Da Internz and K-Ci and JoJo will also appear on the project. “It’s a wide range,” said Aiko. “It gets turned up,” added Sean, “then it gets melodic, then it gets vibed out. It touches all these things, but it sounds very cohesive.”

The two previously teamed up on Sean's Dark Sky Paradise for "I Know" and felt it was right to hop in the studio for a full project. “We’re in a place where we’re both established, and we’ve laid a lot of groundwork, and it’s really taking it back to just having fun with it," said the Detroit native. "I have fun with her. She’s one of my favorite people to just be around and kick it with.”

Twenty88 is due out April 1. The two will perform together on the Thursday, March 31 edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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