Big Sean's come a long way since freestyling for Kanye West over a decade ago. If his numerous award wins and a platinum-selling album didn't convince you of that, the fact that he's just copped a multi-million-dollar Beverly Hills mansion from Slash, who operates as the lead guitarist of Guns N' Roses should be an indication.

According to the folks at TMZ, the Detroit rapper bought Slash's flossy crib for $8.7 million. The mansion stretches over 11,000 square feet and includes seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a home theater, a backyard pool, a volleyball court and a stripper pole. Sounds pretty sweet.

The crib's apparently been on sale since Slash's then-wife, Perla Ferrar, filed for divorce back in 2014. The price was originally set at $11 million before it dropped to $9.5 million last year. Sean got it for almost $1 million less.

In other Big Sean news, the rapper recently appeared to have himself some fun at his ex-fianceé Naya Rivera's expense. A few days ago, Rivera was arrested for the alleged battery of her husband Ryan Dorsey, and Sean jumped onto Twitter and seemingly referenced the situation.

For his part, Sean posted a hilarious meme of a woman shouting, "I told y'all niggas. I told y'all niggas. Y'all thought I was playing, but I told y'all niggas." The "Bounce Back" MC, who just secured a Best Rap Performance nomination for the 2018 Grammy Awards, split from Rivera in 2014.

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