Bg K.R.I.T. wasn't nominated for any BET Hip Hop Awards Tuesday night (Oct. 4), but the Mississippi rapper may have still delivered the most memorable words of the evening, reciting a verse in spoken word form on the loss of black lives at the hands of police. Dressed in an officer's uniform, K.R.I.T. spoke with passion, a fire behind his eyes fueling his powerful words from Kenneth Whalum's "Might Not Be Ok."

The full piece can be seen above, with the poem beginning, "Mamas been crying and they gon' keep crying/Black folk been dying and they gon' keep dying/The police been firing and they gon' keep firing/The government been lying and they gon' keep lying."

The 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards ran opposite the vice presidential debate, and the ceremony maintained its own political point of view, K.R.I.T. perhaps capturing the mood best with his words and voice. "Police brutality is all in your mind/And the tactics they use only look worse in rewind/People die everyday, you should get used to it/Hands behind your back, face down, they still say you shooting," he said.

The piece's final line, "Another civilian, another not guilty, another t-shirt, another rap lyric, another life gone, I can’t forgive it," inspired an emotional crowd reaction, with Snoop Dogg, who was honored that evening, raising his fist in solidarity with K.R.I.T. Watch the moving performance up top.

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