Big Grams pulled out some wild ideas for their new music video as Big Boi and Phantogram give the visual treatment to their song "Drum Machine." The group made an interesting choice by deciding that furries would be the best way to bring this song to life.

As one might expect, this video is pretty out there. It depicts the exploits of Redd Wolf, Dabs the squirrel and Purp the gorilla as they wreak havoc around town. The wolf kicks things off by harassing a bunch of street performers before making its way to a bus. The situation doesn't get any better as Redd confronts to a little girl, who is visibly bothered by his presence. That leads to her mother and the bus driver forcing Redd off the bus.

The night doesn't bring about much luck either as Redd Wolf is denied entry into a club. After being roughed up by the bouncers, Redd finds a way into the club through a back entrance. Dabs and Purp find much more success in their respective endeavors, including Dabs finding a way to get high and Purp stealing a car.

The big reveals comes when we find out that the furries are actually Big Grams. Redd Wolf is Sarah Barthel, Dabs is Josh Carter and Big Boi is revealed to be Purp. After taking their masks off, the three have a fun time at the club. The video is fascinating as a follow-up to their animated music video that was released earlier this week.

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