Big Boi got a chance to add to his acting credits on last night's (Jan. 11) episode of Star. The OutKast member made a guest appearance on Fox's new show, which tells the story of three young singers trying to make it in the music industry. In the series' third episode, Big Boi is convinced to produce for the up-and-coming group.

"Oh, so you just so happened to bump into me at the club tonight," Big Boi says to Alexandra Crane, one of the group's members. "Maybe we can work something out."

Later on in the episode, Big Boi is seen at a studio session with the group. He continues to have some playful interactions with Crane, who already comes with a reputation due to her famous father.

"Look at you talking like a big shot," Big Boi says to her. "That Juilliard must've paid off."

Big Boi's appearance comes to an end when Carlotta Brown (played by Queen Latifah) interrupts the recording session to confront her surrogate children.

"You know what? Too much drama!" Big Boi exclaims. "I'm out of here."

You can watch the full episode here. Big Boi makes his initial appearance after the opening credits. His final scene takes place around the 25-minute mark.

Outside of side gigs like this, Big Boi has been busy at work on his next solo album. After he wraps that up, the veteran MC is going to record a collaborative project with Killer Mike.

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