With SXSW taking over the the vast share of media exposure in hip-hop, this week proved be relatively quiet on the music video front. However, that hasn't kept some artists from releasing unique visuals. From Vado's hyper-kinetic vision of Harlem, to Euro League's found footage ode to family, to even Earl Sweatshirt's bizarro-world trailer park, here are some of the best music videos from this past week.

Big K.R.I.T. - "R.E.M."

Translating music into video is no easy task, but director Luke Choi succeeds with his recent video for Big K.R.I.T.'s first leak off his upcoming King Remembered In Time mixtape. Utilizing high-key lighting and a series of graphic matches throughout the video, K.R.I.T.'s "R.E.M." is the perfect fusion of smart, emotionally resonant imagery and D.I.Y. videography.

Murs & 9th Wonder - "What Up Tho"

It's not often that fans get to see an emcee put his ego to side all in the name of good fun, but Murs takes it - as well as a torrent of condiments and food products - on the chin like a champ, making the video for his and 9th Wonder's "What Up Tho" one of the most enjoyable this week.

Earl Sweatshirt feat. Tyler, the Creator - "Whoa"

From a technical standpoint, Tyler, the Creator's direction has drastically evolved since OFWGKTA burst on the scene. Yet despite a shift towards increasingly controlled and cinematically inclined visuals, his rambunctious directorial spirit remains intact, as the video for Earl Sweatshirt's"Whoa" transforms a dingy trailer park into a skate punk playground, complete with laugh-out-loud set pieces.

Vado - "Right Now"

The video to "Right Now" is as fast-paced and hyper-stylized as any Michael Bay flick, but that doesn't mean it's as soulless as one of Bay's Transformer films. Through all the rapid-fire editing and kinetic imagery, Vado's latest video maintains a spirit authentic to the We the Best rapper's Harlem roots.

Blu & Exile feat. Andy Allo - "Ease Your Mind"

Scenery goes long way in film, and Blu and company take full advantage of a somber ocean setting in their latest video. The wide framed shots and relaxed editing style imbue the video with a Wes Anderson-like quality, perfectly matching Exile's jazzy, Pete Rock-esque production.

Chance the Rapper - "Good Ass Intro"

From Kid Cudi's "Day N Nite" to Joey Bada$$'s "Unorthodox," cartoon-video hybrids have become somewhat of standard in hip-hop. Yet leave it to Chance the Rapper to infuse a new sense of fun in the quickly-aging video style, creating a "Sesame Street"-on-acid look that perfectly matches the humorous nature of his song "Good Ass Intro."

araabMUZIK - "The Prince is Coming"

The video for "The Prince is Coming" takes araabMUZIK's MPC antics to the next level with fantastic film sets, off-the-wall costume design and exceptionally realized lighting. While the "Stargate: Sg-1"-like set pieces may turn off some fans more familiar with his Dipset production, the Rhode Island producer's full-fledged MPC assault is as entertaining to watch as ever.

Euro League - "Grandma's Plastic Couch"

Perhaps one of the most interesting videos released this week is Euro League's "Grandma's Plastic Couch," which utilizes Euro's home videos from his childhood to craft a touching ode to his family. It not only reinforces the song's extremely personal feel, but it's simply one of the most visually interesting uses of found footage in a recent hip-hop video.

A$AP Ferg - "40 Below"

Sometimes simpler is better, and no one on this week's list proves that quite as well as A$AP Ferg. Shot following an interview with DJ Whoo Kid at Shade45, Ferg's video for "40 Below" makes the most out of a few simple super-imposed images and a low-key color palette.