Belly releases a new music video for "Ballerina." The four-minute, 20-second visual is a stunning art piece courtesy of director Ramon Ayala.

The video follows the story of Belly's love interest, a ballerina who takes on several jobs to support herself. Not only does she do ballet, but the woman also takes care of an elderly man and dances at a strip club to earn a check. Hence the chorus, on which Belly croons, "She mix the red and white wine like the Catalina (She do it)/You call her a stripper, that's my ballerina (Oh God)/See that's your stage but it's my arena (She mine)/That's not a stripper, that's my ballerina (Hold up)/Let me see you dance for me, dance, dance, dance."

You can watch the incredibly well-edited video above via YouTube. In case you missed it, go back and read about how Belly signed with Roc Nation. The 32-year-old Ottawa-based artist spoke with DJ Whoo Kid about meeting Jay Z, saying, "He was never like, ‘Yo here’s what I can do for you, here are the budgets.’ None of that. We had a life conversation. When I left, I was like, ‘That’s somebody who’s more concerned with me as a brand then just a moment or just a single. That’s what really made me feel comfortable going [with Roc Nation].”

At the time, when he first signed with the Roc in Nov. 2015, Belly said, “I want to say it was just a complete focus on my craft and my music and I put together a project that I felt like was representative of me as an artist. And I think I just got the right ears with it to the point where Jay Z was interested and heard it and invited me over. And we had a conversation and that was that, you know? A man’s handshake, that’s all it takes sometimes.”

"Ballerina" serves as track three on Belly's latest mixtape Another Day in Paradise. You can listen to the project in full below via Spotify.

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