Dreamville's Bas delivers his new video for "Clouds Never Get Old," a track from his latest album, Too High to Riot.

Throughout the trippy, three-minute video, Bas enjoys a beautiful day in the neighborhood. However, things are not totally as they seem. While riding around town with a ladyfriend, Bas is suddenly confused, as the girl disappears seemingly into mid-air. At certain points in the clip, Bas is falling through the sky surrounded by mountains, while a bikini-clad woman soars through the air nearby. At the end of the video, Bas learns how to walk on water. You can check it out in its entirety above.

Darryl Robertson reviewed Too High to Riot for XXL back in March, writing, "There’s not much criticism for Too High to Riot. While Bas doesn’t have jaw-dropping metaphors, he also doesn’t follow trends nor reach for sounds outside of his usual demeanor. The rapper is able to switch up his content while staying true to his craft. And he’s able to let fans experience the downsides of his life without sounding like he’s throwing a pity party for himself. By exposing his drawbacks Bas’ fanbase gets to mature through his music."

In case you missed it, Bas linked up with Ab-Soul a couple weeks back for "Braille." Bas also recently teamed up with labelmate Cozz for their "Dopamine" video. “Let me get a couple bottles get ’em liquored up/Young kings in the city so we feast like the royals, sleepless/The city the only teacher, the snakes in retreat/Don’t retreat thats a coil/Straight from police they will seek and destroy you,” spits Bas in the second verse.

Bas is also gearing up for his Too High To Riot tTour to Europe next week alongside Cozz, the Hics, Earthgang and Ron Gilmore. You can peep those tour dates right here. As aforementioned, you can view the Scott Lazer-directed video for "Clouds Never Get Old" above via YouTube. You can still cop Too High to Riot via iTunes.

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