Four years after his tragic death and three years removed from the announcement of a posthumous album, Bankroll Fresh's In Bank We Trust album is finally about to drop.

Today (March 2), Bankroll's mother, Terisa Price, and XXL announce that the new LP will be released on March 4, which is the fourth anniversary of the rapper's death. Comprised of songs the late rapper recorded between 2014 and 2016, the 12-track album will be the first posthumous project released since his passing, following a few loose singles and feature verses that have been put out. In Bank We Trust was a labor of love for Bankroll's mother, who worked tirelessly for years putting it together.

"I was very involved," Price tells XXL of putting together the album, which includes features from Boosie BadAzz, Quicktrip and more. "Studio sun up to sun down, putting songs in order for the album...listening to a lot of songs that he recorded before."

Originally slated for an April 2017 release, the task of getting features cleared for the project took some time. The delay also came down to making sure the LP was released at precisely the right moment.

In Bank We Trust

"It’s timing. There’s a time for everything," Price says. "There was a time when we was trying to put it three years ago, it was we had a lot of other artists that were on the album, and we had to get a lot of clearances," she adds. "Just trying to get everything right."

Bankroll Fresh was shot and killed outside of Atlanta's Street Exec studios on March 4, 2016. As one of several artists under 2 Chainz's Street Execs management company, the burgeoning rapper was poised for a lot of success at the time of his passing. While his life was cut tragically short, his mother sees an impact he made in his time on earth.

"A lot of favorite sayings, his lingo [is] the words everybody’s saying," Price says. "On TV, on   radio a lot of people are saying the words 'no cap'–he came with that! Well, he made it worldwide with the saying. I mean, I know the word was out there in the atmosphere, but he really put it out there."

Price added that Bankroll's love for others and how much he helped people will forever be cemented as a part of his legacy, which is one that will be added to with his first posthumous album.

In a video she recorded to announce the release date for the new project, Price gives thanks for Bankroll's friends while also stressing that while Bankroll's physical presence is no more, he lives on through his art.

"My son is still alive, I see him every day, I hear his voice," she says in the video. "He talks to me through his music. This is due in large part to you, his supporters. I appreciate every Long Live Bankroll, every Fresh Friday post, any respectful tribute or gesture of gratitude toward my son's legacy. These positive expressions of love mean so much to me. They keep me going and I truly appreciate them. My intentions in releasing this album, In Bank We Trust, four years after my son's death is to set the tone for his ongoing legacy. As long as his spiritual body operates in harmony he is still alive, still making his mark on the world and still carving out a legacy that makes me proud to call him my son. Long Live Bankroll.

See the announcement video, as well as the tracklist for Bankroll's new album below.

Bankroll Fresh's In Bank We Trust Album Tracklist

1. "Mind Body and Soul" (Produced by D. Rich)
2. "Extra" (Produced by Drum Section)
3. "Quarter Million" (Produced by D.Rich)
4. "Feel Me" featuring Countup JT (Produced by Shawty Fresh)
5. "Touch Feat Persona" (Produced by D.Rich)
6.  "Million Up" featuring Boosie BadAzz (Produced by G Money)
7.  "Understand" (Produced by Shawty Fresh)
8.  "Loyalty Is Real" (Produced by D. Rich)
9.  "See Me" featuring Street Money Boochie (Produced by D. Rich)
10. "Playing Wit a Check" (Produced by Jayell)
11. "Right On" featuring Quicktrip (Produced by D. Rich)
12. "Confessions" featuring Ques (Produced by Drum Section)

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