When a rapper stays true to themself, it will take them far in their career. BabyTron, a 21-year-old Michigan rapper who first got hot locally then began to take the internet by storm, has never tried to fit into a mold. He dons long hair and shades that make him look like an indie rock singer, but BabyTron is a wise-cracking, money-making rapper who possesses coolness in droves. His lyrics draw obscure pop culture references from movies, television and pro sport. The Midwest artist's whip-smart cleverness and sense of humor has also turned him into an internet darling who rises up the ranks by the month. Three months after his late October project, Bin Reaper 2, was released, BabyTron jumped on Instagram to talk to XXL about his path to this point, his upcoming plans and how he remained focus for The Break Live.

BabyTron has only been rapping since high school, and did so by forming a group called ShittyBoyz with his friends StanWill and TrDee. Their first video was 2018's "Gamebreaker," a song on which they rap about women, money scams and getting fresh as their verses loop around each other. Motivated by friends and classmates loving their music, ShittyBoyz kept pushing, with BabyTron eventually making solo songs but remaining part of the group. The first solo song he released was "Cheat Code" in 2019, on which his punchline-packed style continued to develop. From there, the sky was the limit. Projects Bin Reaper (and its 2021 sequel), Sleeve Nash, Luka Troncic and more followed. His approach has paid off, with each new video for a song off Bin Reapar 2 approaching or crossing 500,000 views. "Euro-Stepper" is his most popular visual to date with over 612,000 YouTube views and "Paul Bearer" has the fastest pace with 432,000 views in a month. BabyTron's time is now.

Watch BabyTron's The Break Live interview below.

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"Jesus Shuttlesworth"


"Paul Bearer"

Bin Reaper 2

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