Music can take people to all sorts of places, especially if one keeps their mind open. Long before the world knew him as Autumn!—the genre-bending rapper and producer—he was just a kid trying to find ways to bond with his older brother. His route to that was producing while big bro worked on his rap skills. At just 11 years old, Autumn! learned his way around the recording program MixCraft and continued making beats after his brother moved away. The Crowley, La. native was first known as Twinuzis the producer, and then became Autumn! in 2018, when he started rapping. Urged to get behind the mic by fellow buzzing artist Summrs (and other members of his crew Slayworld), Autumn! chose the moniker totally unrelated to his season-named friend.

As Autumn!, the rising rapper went on to drop over 10 projects between 2018 to 2022. In 2020, his career began to turn thanks to the success of his song, "One Way." On the track, he shines with the uber-popular PluggNB sound, where staccato flows and upbeat keys reign supreme. With over 15 million Spotify streams on the record, it's clear that Autumn!'s versatility and vulnerable lyrics got him over the top. He can also get into an R&B bag, which is additionally heard on the slow-paced ode to a long distance lover. Not bad at all for a producer who had no desire to rap at first. His new project, Antagonist!, dropped late last month and displays the varied sounds that first got him onto the radar of record executive Steven Victor. Last year, Autumn! signed to Victor's label Victor Victor, and has only gotten bigger since.

Kicking it on this week's episode of The Break Live, Autumn! discusses how he became this successful, not seeing himself as famous and his top-secret age. Watch Autumn!'s interview below.

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"Still The Same"

"One Way"



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