On Nov. 9, 1993, A Tribe Called Quest blessed listeners with the release of their Midnight Marauders album. Today (Nov. 9), for the album's 25th anniversary, Atlanta news anchors have found a creative way to celebrate ACTQ's third studio LP.

In a news segment from this morning, Mark Arum and Fred Blankenship, who operate as anchors of Atlanta's WSBTV news station, reference lyrics from the acclaimed A Tribe Called Quest LP as they make their report.

"I know that ride on 575 can drive you insane, drive you up the wall," Arum says while he's giving a traffic report. If you're a Tribe fan, you already know that's a reference to their Midnight Marauders track, "Yarn." Nice. There are other references where that one came from, but we'll let you peep them for yourself.

Midnight Marauders is an LP that remains a certified hip-hop gem. It's good to see folks still recognize its impact.

In an effort to have the album's memory live on, ATCQ is re-releasing the album with a capsule collection. Items included in the collection are track listing tees, Midnight Marauders hoodies, "Find Your Tribe" long sleeve tees and more.

Taking a trip down memory lane, the We Got It From Here.. Thank You 4 Your Service group released their final video "The Space Program," back in April.

Watch some hilarious song-name-dropping in the video below. Check out

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