Yesterday (Jan. 7), footage of New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. freestyling made its rounds across the internet. The NFL superstar has shown tremendous talent off the gridiron by displaying his athletic ability on the basketball court, baseball diamond and soccer feild but a lot of people were surprised about his skills on the mic.

Now he isn't the first athlete, or the last, who has shown an affinity for hip-hop. For decades rappers and athletes have displayed strong tries. It's been well documented how rappers tried to be athletes (Master P, Romeo, Lil B) and how athletes tried to be rappers (Iman Shumpert, Lance Stephenson, Shaq). Its also been a bunch of athletes who own record labels. Some athletes actually have a nice following of fans for their music and others you want to forget. Hip-hop isn't something that you can just jump into. It's an art and a craft that takes years for some to master. So when some atltehes try their hand at freestyling the results are mixed.

Here are some athletes who have been spotted freestyling. Peep the videos below.

Jon Cena

Lamar Odom

Clint Dempsey

Damien Lillard


Cam Newton

Metta World Peace

Kobe Bryant

Enzo Amore

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