In 2018, there were plenty of women in rap who really started to find their footing in the game, each taking different paths to success while coexisting. One of those rappers is Dallas native Asian Doll, the 22-year-old first lady of Gucci Mane's 1017 Eskimo Records.

After years of putting in work with a flurry of projects, Asian Doll continued delivering new heat by dropping her So Icy Princess mixtape last year. Songs like TheLabCook-produced "Talk" and the Lil Yachty-assisted "Kit Kat" prove she can not only spit hard-hitting lyrics but craft hits. In addition to that, she went on tour with Bhad Bhabie, launched her own dance challenge and continued to grow under the tutelage of Guwop. While Asian Doll's fans may think they know everything about her, she's here to set the record straight in the latest edition of XXL's Who Am I? series.

While Asian Doll's popularity is growing by the day, she still looks back fondly on the days when she could just be a normal teenager. "When I was like, 16, 17, I used to have parties, I used to get lit," she shares. "I used to love going to high school kickbacks, football games, basketball games. I'm from the country, so there's a lot to do, a lot of community shit."

Early on, the rhymer starts to talk about how her mom influenced her to jump into hip-hop. "My mama was a rapper, she explains. "I used to try to figure out like, 'Yo, how did I start like wanting to be a rapper?" Asian took the experiences that her mom went through as an artist to heart, pledging to never repeat the same mistakes. "It really made me take rap serious because I seen her fuck up."

In addition to bars, Asian Doll has another talent: shooting hoops. According to her, she's nice with the rock and gets put to the test on the court. "I can play basketball really good; every time I say that, niggas be tryna play me, like I just don't know how to play, like I'm trash," she says, with a hint of defiance. Don't doubt her, you might catch her giving your favorite rapper buckets on IG.

And besides her love for tacos and Mexican food, Asian Doll also has big love for Adele. The southern rhymer even bonded with Tay-K over their shared love for the famed singer.

Watch the rest of Asian Doll's journey and find out about who she really is, in her own words, up above.

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