There's no question A$AP Rocky is one of the more prominently known rappers and Playboi Carti is rising in popularity by the day. The two recently traveled together through an airport on the back of a motorized cart, where they were followed and chased down by a persistent fan who spotted them.

In a video recorded by Carti, the two point out the fan so viewers could see who they were laughing at. Seconds later, the fan sees them pointing at him, running down the airport corridor to catch up to the two so he could record them on his phone. Unfortunately, the two were not in the mood to be recorded that day, so they told the fan to "chill" as he continuously pointed his phone at them. It sounds like Carti had a pretty good sense of humor about the fan, since he can be heard laughing throughout the entire exchange, despite Rocky curving the desperate fan.

We're not sure if the fan was able to capture any footage of the two rappers together, but it sounds like fans are better off leaving them be as they get ready for their flights.

In case you missed it, listen to Carti and Rocky's latest collab "New Choppa" from the Atlanta rapper's self-titled debut album.

Watch Rocky and Carti get chased down by a fan at an airport in the footage below.

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