The XXL App Ready or Not is continuing to rack up downloads and positive reviews, and it’s time to again put the music to the test. Each month, will enlist industry insiders to listen to and rate the user freestyles which are recorded on the App and uploaded to We’ve already seen ratings from hip-hop tastemakers like DJ Drama, Dru Ha and Statik Selektah. Now, peep Rostrum Records own Arthur Pitt’s thoughts on 10 of the recent submissions below, and be sure to follow him (@arthurpitt) on Twitter. Are you ready or not?

Malakeve, "Bitch Leave"
Overall: L

Nice pronunciation, decent wordplay, and solid delivery. The regional accent was authentic and impressive too. Make sure to fit all of your work into the 30 seconds.

Duct Tape Assasin
Overall: S

The name was enough to turn me off but I decided to give it a shot. Immediately heard "I got crazy shit I got crazy respect I got crazy drugs I got guns to check" Sorry son. I do not believe you. And if you do, there is no need to share with an audience as a rapper.

Sharp Tung, "Shut It Down"
Overall: L

Strong confident voice and presence. Enjoyed the "military brats" bar. Didn't really like hearing the last few seconds finished off with "Me" being rhymed together back to back.

Steven Q The G.E.E.K, "Hip Hop Broke My Heart"/"Don't Apologize
Overall: XL/L

Nothing new in regards to being a disgruntled MC rapping about your current displeasure of the state of hip hop. However, props for your ode to the legends and your personal favorite MC's. You definitely have potential and a pretty polished sound. Keep speaking your mind. It was an honest solid 30 seconds of wordplay in each track. Way to throw your hat in and challenge the norm.

Overall: L

Distinct voice, solid wordplay, and delivery. The nasal like flow is usually hit or miss. In this case it works.

Last Werd, "Yesuuuur"
Overall: L

I was not expecting this with such a generic title. A bit reminiscent of a young Xhibit dare I say? Love the raspy deep voice which is both effective and convincing. Definitely keep up the good work.

Micker, "Forest Fire"
Overall: M

Impressed you had the balls to try to go over "Who Shot Ya", a classic instrumental. I respect the ambition. But if you are going to hop on an instrumental like that you better come correct and murder it. Try again.

Ray Beats, "Thoughts I Speak On"
Overall: S

The thoughts you speak on left me feeling angry and lost. And not in an inspired type of way.

Thero, "Never Get It"
Overall: M

Good punchlines and I can definitely sense some lyrical potential, charisma, and good rhyme cadence. Watch repeating the same word in back to back bars though.