According to Ariana Grande, she was just joking when she made the remark that "You don't know what Travis could pull!" at an event in the days leading up to her own Sweetener album release.

"i adore travis & kylie and i love the astroworld album a joke issa joke watch the video, stop using me for clickbait so i can come online n celebrate my number one too pls ! hip hip hooray !" she tweeted on Thursday (Aug. 23). "also everything literally almost everything i say i say for comedic effect and am never serious .... like i’m always “on”.... if ever u think i’m being shady i’m jus goin for the laugh ..... if i’m being fr shady you’ll know i’m a v loving lil babe 👼🏼"


Nicki Minaj definitely has a friend in singer Ariana Grande. Just days after Minaj called out Travis Scott for bundling his Astroworld album with concert tickets and merchandise, Grande is throwing shade at the rapper as well.

During her Sweetener Sessions show in Chicago on Wednesday (Aug. 22), Grande's manager, Scooter Braun, said her Sweetener album would "100 percent" debut at No. 1. The singer wasn't as confident as Braun and managed to take a dig at Scott. "We got three days left," she said. "You don't know what Travis could pull!"

After calling out Scott and girlfriend Kylie Jenner on Twitter, Nicki continued the feud on her Tuesday (Aug. 21) episode of Queen Radio on Beats 1. During the show, the "Ganja Burn" rapper labeled La Flame the "hoe nigga of the week" for his business practices.

"Travis Scott wins Hoe Nigga of the Week, by a landslide. He out here selling fucking clothes got y'all thinking he selling fucking music," she said. “What we’re not gonna do is have this fucking auto-tune man come up in here selling fucking sweaters and telling y’all he sold half a million fucking albums, ’cause he didn’t."

But Nicki didn't stop there, she continued to bring up Jenner in her comments. “You stupid fuck! You’re a fucking man! You got your homeboy talking for you, your girlfriend posting tour passes saying you sold albums—stop it! Knock it the fuck off!" she added.

Check out Ariana Grande throwing shade at the Houston rapper below.

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