Andy Mineo paid tribute to his deaf sister in a special way. Mineo released a music video for "Hear My Heart" which features him signing his lyrics and conveying the sound through three dimensional objects.

"I started to write a song that would serve two purposes: first, it had to serve as my public apology to Grace; second, it would bring awareness to a culturally neglected community," Mineo said. "'Hear My Heart' was constructed with the deaf in mind. I wanted a bass line that felt like a heartbeat. I wanted to be able to touch the speakers and feel a clear sense of rhythm. I knew I wanted to sign this song for my sister in video form, but I wanted to do it in a way that could bridge the gap between the hearing and the deaf."

Andy Mineo worked on this music video for over a year. The rapper wanted to find a way to share the music with the deaf instead of just signing the lyrics.

"I searched YouTube for 'deaf music videos' and watched them with the sound muted," he continued. "I noticed that though you could understand the words being signed, the sense of rhythm was lost. That’s when I had the idea to create a video where you could see the sounds you couldn’t hear. Where you could find the rhythm of the song even when the music was muted. We worked tirelessly on this video for over a year to make sure every sound in the song was translated into a three dimensional object that you could see and experience."

The music video was also released to raise awareness for International Week of the Deaf 2016 (Sept. 19-25). "Hear My Heart" can be found Andy Mineo's Uncomfortable album which is available now on iTunes.

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