As an artist, all it takes is one song for your career to change very quickly. Enter Watts, Calif. rapper Ambjaay, who wasn't rapping for very long when he dropped his song "Uno" in February. Just two years into rapping, he watched his catchy mix of lyrics in both English and Spanish (plus some maracas) turn into a smash hit—Spotify streams of 46 million, more than 31 million views on YouTube and No. 46 on the Billboard Top Hip-Hop Songs/R&B chart currently.

Now a Columbia Records artist, Ambjaay is well on his way to hip-hop fame as he prepares his next project, It Cost To Look Like This 2. Just in time for the release of his video for "Ice Cream" this week, Ambjaay stopped by the XXL office to tell us more about himself, why he's smart about his money, the popularity of "Uno" and more for our Who Am I? series.

As a kid, Ambjaay was a fun-loving youth just like anyone. His childhood memories are pretty innocent when asked what he did for fun growing up. "Make bean shooters, played with my friends, basketball, football, joke around," he shares. Thankfully, he didn't start roasting the staff, as he bragged about his ability to poke fun. His love of basketball played into his dream of turning pro, but music came calling and he answered.

Hip-hop is a family affair for Ambjaay. "My brother used to be a music producer, and it was always around me," he explains. He then started rapping just two years ago. Once he dropped "Uno," Ambjaay didn't expect it to take him to the heights it did. Still, he put a lot of positive energy behind its success. "I spoke it into existence, and I just prayed to God that it would blow up," he says. He also knows why the song sticks out from the fray: "Because you won't expect an African-American to do a Latino beat." Solid point.

As Ambjaay's name rises in music, he's been getting more checks, but that doesn't mean he's being reckless with his money. "I don't try to spend a lot, I'm saving everything," Ambjaay continues, being both honest and funny. "I know it cost to look like this, but I'm broke out here. I ain't gon' lie to you! I seen a rich person go broke fast, so I'd rather just save my money."

Catch the rest of Ambjaay's Who Am I? interview and watch his video for "Ice Cream" below.

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