About two decades ago, the cornrow-rocking, baggy pants-wearing Allen Iverson very publicly bridged the gap between the world of hip hop and basketball.

A.I.'s Reebok commercials with Jadakiss symbolized Iverson's impact pretty perfectly, so it's only right that he and the D-Block rapper have an on-camera sit-down. Recently the two did just that, and The Answer told the Yonkers wordsmith which rappers made it onto his top five list. Not too surprisingly, Iverson's list included mostly rappers from the 1990s. One of those rappers was Jada.

"[Jadakiss], Big, Redman, Pac…uh…damn, I gotta leave out Nas, Jay Z … 3000, Tip — I like Tip — I like Jeezy…damn…Em. Man, that list can go on for days!" Iverson told Jada.

Like we said, the basketball legend's selections weren't surprising at all. Tupac, Redman, Biggie and Kiss were all at the peak of their craft when Iverson entered the NBA in 1996. Still, it doesn't feel right to leave Hov out of any top five, something Iverson lamented in his answer.

Although A.I. was undoubtedly a huge part of connecting the rap world to the NBA, he told Jada that wasn't really what he set out to do. "I was just being me," Iverson told Jada.  "I didn't plan none of it, I dressed and looked like the dudes from my hood.

"It's a bittersweet feeling because I took an ass-whopping for it, just for being myself," Iverson continued. "The great feeling about it is that all of the young dudes now can be who they want to be and not be scared to dress and look the way they want to look."

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