Allan Kingdom is ready to begin the next chapter of his career. The Minnesota artist has released a music video for his new single "Know About It." The video's release comes with the announcement of a new album titled LINES, which is scheduled to drop next month.

"The Ride" rapper's new video comes with some spaced out visuals that accentuate the vibe of the track. Kingdom maneuvers through the production to deliver a compelling opening verse for "Know About."

"Tryna get out middle class ya/Just need them racks up/I need to pull up my pants ya/I been on my last two cups/So light up get inspired/To roll up and touch some dollars/If you tryna do the same, we gon' crush it all up/Different city different state, you know how you found us/Had to post the status from 30,000 miles up/Got the dirty smile up/That's the golden on my toothWhen the shorties wyling/I ignore 'em with my crew/If they pull up on us/Then I order up a drink/Plan another new play/Nigga all I do is think," Kingdom raps.

The "Northern Lights" artist's new album will be released on April 7. You can pre-order LINES now on iTunes. Check out the tracklist for Kingdom's upcoming LP and watch the "Know About It" video below.

Allan Kingdom's LINES Tracklist

1. "Perfection"
2. "Don't Push Me"
3. "Vibes" Feat. Cadenza
4. "Lines" Feat. Ram Riddlz
5. "Down For Me"
6. "Know About It"
7. "Interlude"
8. "Feeling Magnetic"
9. "The Fusion" Feat. Denzel Curry
10. "Questions"
11. "Fuck My Enemies" Feat. Kevin Abstract
12. "Astounded" Feat. Finding Novyon
13. "Leaders"
14. "Loner's Anthem"

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