The Smoking Gun continues its efforts to discredit rappers’ reputations. In an article posted on the site today, TSG revealed that hulking Grand Hustle recording artist, Alfamega, was a former informant for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and a government witness.

According to the site, the Grand Hustle Muscle, copped a deal with the government in order to shorten his 1995 jail bid in on federal gun charges. TSG obtained legal documents showing that the Atlanta rapper, born Cedric Zellars, testified against a known heroin dealer as well as several other criminals to have 18 months subtracted from his 110 month sentence.

As of press time Mega has not responded to the TSG report.

Alfamega was recently in the news after he was arrested for getting into a fight with Shawty Lo’s camp during last year’s Dirty Awards in November. Having to be restrained by several police officers, he was eventually escorted out of the event handcuffed and pepper-sprayed.

The Bankhead rep’s long -delayed Atlantic debut I Am Alfamega, has yet to be hit the shelves. – Elan Mancini