The "military style AK-47" that was found by police on Jeezy's tour bus and landed the MC in jail along with five other men has an owner. According to a TMZ report, the rifle is legally registered to Jeezy's security chief—who wasn't even on the bus at the time of the raid. TMZ is reporting that on the night Jeezy and Co. were arrested, his security chief was laid up in a hospital bed after getting caught in the crossfire at an MTV VMAs pre-party that resulted in Suge Knight getting shot six times.

TMZ is also reporting that the AK-47 wasn't found anywhere near Jeezy and was, "in a closed case in an area associated with someone other than Jeezy." The rapper was apparently in an entirely separate part of the bus during the raid and no weapons were found around him. According to the reports, the officers were told repeatedly that the registered owner of the AK-47 was the tour security chief, who was hospitalized at the time.

Once released from jail, Jeezy's Seen It All promo tour continued and on Wednesday night, the Snowman held a star-studded release concert at New York City's Stage 48.


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