Grime gets a little more popular in America each year, and AJ Tracey is part of this current wave of U.K. rappers. His new single is "Alakazam," where he recruits explosive Florida rhymer Denzel Curry and JME for the booming track.

All of the featured artists are wizards in the AJ and Luke Carlisle co-directed video, complete with a lab full of potions. The locations switch from the forest to an office, with enchanted mirrors filled with footage of Denzel Curry spitting his rapid-fire verse.

AJ kicks the track off and makes some clever references. "I'm a rock star like Sting and Slash/Now peng tings wanna call man back," a shoutout to two rock legends. He follows that up with "I'm a rock star like Jeff or Matt/Call my young thug, watch man get slatt," name dropping pro wrestlers and the inimitable Young Thug.

Denzel Curry does his thing on the song while sharing a personal detail early on. He says, "If I see the cop that killed my brother/Believe he'll die from the headshots," a way of shedding light on his fallen sibling. "Beam on the glock in my Hancock, Hedgehog when I get away/When I'm looking for a prey, better pray like a nun."

AJ is no stranger to American rap, as he appeared on a remix with XXL Freshman Aminé. The Portland rapper reached out to Tracey and Missy Elliott for the remix of his single "REDMERCEDES." AJ also dropped the song "Blacked Out" in 2017, a track off his Secure The Bag EP.

Watch AJ Tracey's magic-filled "Alakazam" video below.

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