Back in February, Afroman assaulted a female fan who stormed the stage during one of his performances at a Mardi Gras celebration in Biloxi, Mississippi. Haley Byrd, the woman involved, suffered a concussion after the "Because I Got High" rapper punched her in the head. According to TMZ, Afroman pleaded guilty to assaulting the woman and will be taking anger management classes as a part of his probation. If the Cali native violates any terms of his probation, including passing drug tests, he could face up to six months in prison.The show's promoters are also facing a possible lawsuit from Byrd.

Afroman's publicist claimed that the 41-year old MC was acting in self-defense. Afroman, real name Joseph Edgar Foreman, has since apologized for the incident. He attributed his actions to being frustrated from mishaps earlier in the day. In addition, Afroman said there was a man on the side of the stage yelling obscenities at him and the Cali rapper confused him with the woman. At the time of the concert, Foreman was arrested, charged with assault and released from custody after posting a $330 bond. In addition to the terms of his probation, Afroman says he is seeking help to deal with his anxiety, which apparently also contributed to his actions that day. Relive the crazy moment above.

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