Media conglomerate Vice has revolutionized the way that news and culture is processed through a variety of different mediums. Now, with a new trailer, Vice is building off of the success of their self-titled HBO show and launching a network all their own.

Titled "Viceland," the network will take a look at the world's of food, fashion, drug use, sports, and survival with that trademark Vice lens. Everything depicted in the above trailer is raw and provocative. Vice has distilled the outsider-inside model of news reporting and suped it up with the cache of celebrity and the hook of investigation. Michael K. Williams is exploring the real world of grand theft auto with "Black Market." Ellen Page is uncovering the often dangerous climates that international LGBT community members find themselves in with "Gaycation." Action Bronson is devouring delicacies in "Fuck, That's Delicious." Eddie Huang is staking the cross-section of food and immigration with "Huang's World." Other shows featured include "Weediquite," "Flophouse" and "Vice World of Sports." In addition, the network will feature shows from the brand's various niche tentacles like Noisey and Motherboard.

There is a lot to process in the nine minute clip, but two quotes stand out as mission statements or summations of the network.

"We're hoping that the audience comes out of this with understanding. Even if you don't understand it, just try not to judge people," Michael K. Williams says. And, "It's not always super easy at first, but the moment there's awareness, people evolve quite quickly," Ellen Paige remarked shortly after.