Action Bronson has ventured into a lot of different things throughout his time in the spotlight, but he's now getting a taste of a whole new dimension. The Queens native tries out some new virtual reality technology with 88rising, where he steps into the realistic pixelated world to make some pizza, shoot some hoops and do more activities.

The video starts with the Blue Chips 7000 rapper putting on the equipment in front of a surrounding green screen, where viewers are able to see him in the virtual world, itself. Bronson starts off by picking up some ingredients to make a pizza, where he not only places the virtual items on the pie, but also steps around other fictional objects in his way.

Later, the Fuck, That's Delicious host is seen on a basketball court, where he shoots some virtual reality balls into the basket. The scene even features full sets of bleachers inside of the gym. By the end, Action gets the opportunity to draw in the air with one of the virtual reality color pens, where he draws an alligator.

Watch Action Bronson trip out in virtual reality for 88rising's new video below to see all the madness go down.

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