Action Bronson has been putting a lot of work into his television career, but he's about to tap back into his musical side with his upcoming album. The Queens rapper has been teasing his Blue Chips 7000 album for a minute, but we may finally have an official release date for the upcoming project.

During XXL's interview with Action at the Rolling Loud Festival, the "Baby Blue" MC caught us up on what he's working on, revealing that the album is "hopefully" coming out on June 23 next month. While speaking on the delay of the project, Bronson kept it candid, revealing his ventures in television have been keeping him pretty occupied lately.

"I've been making music, man. I've been making music, but TV takes over. If TV's calling me, I have to pick up the phone, you feel me? I can't just put that on hold, cause television is a big thing. Your face is seen all over the world. It's just a different thing when 70 year olds are like, 'Oh my God! We love you!' Like... I like it all," he explains in the video below.

There's no doubt the rapper is flourishing on television, as his Fuck, That's Delicious series has done exceedingly well on Viceland. Bronson is also currently working on a dating show with the network at the moment.

Watch our full XXL 360 feature with Action below to hear about his upcoming release, life as a TV star and much more.

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