Action Bronson pays a visit to The Rachael Ray Show and cooks up some Szechuan hot fried chicken, also known as "explosive crispy chicken."

Bam Bam impresses Ray and the crowd with his expert chef skills, maneuvering the kitchen like the veteran cook that he is. He also wows the audience with a description of his concerts, which he compares to pro wrestling matches, because they involve "a lot of extreme stuff." Bronsolino talks about throwing items including George Foreman grills and flat-screen TVs at concert-goers in the past, and also tells Ray that he was a picky eater as a kid, only eating foods like bagels and hamburgers. At one point, Ray even shouts out the Queens rapper's Viceland show, F*ck That's Delicious. You can view the four-minute clip in its entirety above.

In other food-related Bronson news, he recently went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and discussed a visit to the Tokyo restaurant Les Créations de Narisawa, which was an experience Bam Bam had “never felt before in [his] life.” Bronson explains what happened at the No. 8 restaurant in the world, saying, “Chef Narisawa is a genius. He brought out several dishes for me, and he didn’t tell me what they were. He asked me to guess what they were, and I guessed wrong on all of them. But I was close.”

Bronson says that one of the dishes was a baby, soft-shell turtle. “I felt terrible afterwards,” Bronson says. “I felt like an animal.” Next up was a smoked rattlesnake soup, which was “phenomenal,” in Bronson’s words. “[The rattlesnake] tasted like beef broth. It was very rich and smoky.” Bronsolino and Kimmel also delve into how the tatted-up artist once cooked food for the New York Mets.

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