In the least surprising bit of news this fine Tuesday (March 24) afternoon, Action Bronson is putting out a cookbook. In a Hot 97 interview from this morning, the hefty rapper announced that he's working on what he called a "visual cookbook." Inspired by his new album, Mr. Wonderful, the finished product will feature contributions from such famous chefs as Mario Batali, Michael Voltaggio and Michael White. Bronson is no stranger to the culinary world--before he made it as a rapper, he was a chef in his native Queens, and since his newfound fame has hosted his own food tourism show, Fuck, That's Delicious.

Bronson's major label debut album, Mr. Wonderfulwas released this week. It's cohesive but dynamic; Bronson flexes his considerable range as a writer and vocalist, all in service toward the '80s glam-rock vibe he cultivates so carefully. Embedded in the middle of the record is a self-contained three-song musical, culminating in the uproariously funny, Chance the Rapper-featuring "Baby Blue," wherein the latter, younger rapper wishes a series of minor inconveniences upon a former lover, including driveways that are perpetually full of snow. The album was preceded by singles "Terry," "Easy Rider" and "Actin' Crazy," for which Bronson also released a video that shows him posting up on Godzilla.

Fuck, That's Delicious is commemorating the release of his major label full length debut. The three-episode special features Bam Bam cooking dishes inspired by tracks off his new album with world renowned chefs. The first episode has Bronson visiting Eataly to make dishes with his idol Mario Batali.