With the launch of Vice's new Viceland network, Action Bronson is expanding his repertoire by building upon his "Fuck, That's Delicious" web show to be what amounts to the network's food correspondent. In the show's second episode, Action travels to the Pacific Northwest to sample the region's seafood and legal weed.

At the clip's jump, Action praises the region, admiring, "the freedom, the culture, being right by the water, aligned with different types of shrubbery." He then pays a visit to Seattle's Pike Street Market with Meyhem Lauren where he takes part in the traditional salmon toss. From there, the two rappers visit Mothership, what Action calls "the epicenter for artisanal glass," where they construct a new piece and feast on muscles, clams and three different kinds of oysters.

Keeping things moving, Bronson, Lauren and crew hit up Oprah's favorite chicken joint, Ezell’s chicken, where Bronson creates his own signature sandwich. While Bronson and Meyhem travel to Vancouver for a show, Big Body Bes holds things down, remarking, "when I see shrimp, I catch chills." The episode concludes with a trip to Brownsville, Oregon where the FTD crew admire the flocks of sheep on Anderson Farms and eventually sample the lamb.

Check the full episode up top and feel full fledged jealousy for the many delicacies and locales Bronson is able to taste. As he notes early on, the Pacific Northwest represents “an advancement in humanity” with it's laid back atmosphere and legal drugs.

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