"I'm ready. Of course I'm ready." Action Bronson's rollout for his new album, Mr. Wonderful, has been unique--not necessarily for the nature of the promotion but for the quality of the music involved. Rarely does a rapper drop a smattering of early material this uniformly solid, this unwaveringly tied to the qualities that made him a commodity in the first place. But after the 40-produced "Actin' Crazy," the muted and biting "Terry" and a series of non-album loosies and jaw-dropping freestyles, Bronson is hitting the home stretch. In the trailer for Mr. Wonderful, the hefty MC can be seen putting the finishing touches on "Only In America," a cut from the album. Foregoing his usually poised rap stylings, Mr. Blue Chips works with an engineer perfecting his sing-song delivery; at the top of the video, they're already on take number 22.

Even when stepping outside of his comfort zone, Bronson flexes his influence. He argues back and forth about whether or not the bass is drowning out his vocals. Even when the engineer promises him there's "absolutely no bass," he feels his voice isn't high enough in the mix. Much like the Blue Chips 2 trailer--in which he coerces Patrick Ewing into throwing the most famous game in Knicks fans' memories--Bronson writes he and his homies into comically cliched situations. He can't get "the tapes" to give to "the label" to get "the money." It's the perfect caper.

Mr. Wonderful is due out Mar. 24.