Action Bronson is doing it bigger and better than ever on new episodes of Viceland's Fuck That's Delicious. Cameras followed along the Queens-born rapper while he was on tour in Sydney, Australia to what him devour the best of the continent's cuisine. While you may think Aussie Land doesn't have much to offer in the realm of culinary diversity, Bronsolino definitely proves that notion wrong by trying authentic Vietnamese in Cabramatta, lavish Italian in Paddington and helping cook dishes garden to table in Melbourne. The commentary from the rappers throughout the episode is the real star of the show. While helping a professional chef fry mussels, Action calls it "one of the best chicken nuggets" he's ever tasted.

Since moving from a web series to a television show on Viceland, it's obvious the network doubled down on the budget for Bronson and his crew. Ahead of its Sept. 1 premiere, Viceland shared a hilarious trailer for Season 2. And this isn't Action's only appearance on the network. After hosting a successful special on 4/20 about studying ancient aliens, Viceland order a pilot series on the same topic featuring their budding star.

The chef-turned-rap star has always has made it a point to keep his love for the kitchen alive. In a weird live performance move just like week, Bronson threw kitchen appliances at a crowd while performing in Coney Island, N.Y.

Check out Bronson and Lauren take a culinary trip on the other side of the world in the newest episode of F*ck, That’s Delicious above.

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