Phil Collins ended his retirement last year and recently played his first live show in six years. Naturally, the "In the Air Tonight" singer is back doing press as well. When the Genesis member went to New York City for some interivews, Stereogum decided to do something a little different. The publication tapped none other than Action Bronson to handle the interview with Collins.

The result is an interesting conversation, particularly because Action Bronson is a fan of Phil Collins. In fact, the rapper has rhymed over Collins tracks like "Another Day In Paradise" and "Sussudio" during his career. This is certainly not the most formal interview, but the casual nature provides some unique answers. One notable exchange sees the two discussing American Psycho's use of Collins' work.

BRONSON: Let me ask you, did you feel like Patrick Bateman’s assessment of the career of Genesis and Phil Collins was correct?

COLLINS: I don’t know. We were all sent the book, and at the time I kind of thought, that’s just what we need, another serial killer movie. But I didn’t read the book. I was living in Switzerland, and someone said to me, “Have you seen American Psycho? You’ve got to go see it because they do lots of things to your music…” So I watched it and I kind of enjoyed the film, and I have to watch it again to see if I was offended or not.

Even though these two are musicians, Phil Collins predictably has no knowledge of Action Bronson's music. This creates some entertaining interactions when sampling of Collins' music is brought up during the interview.

COLLINS: And where do you record when you record?

BRONSON: I usually record in Brooklyn in Greenpoint. It’s a nice studio overlooking the city, has a nice skyline view.

COLLINS: So you write?

BRONSON: Yeah, I write.

COLLINS: And you have a band?

BRONSON: No. There’s a lot of sampling involved.

COLLINS: No! [Laughs]

BRONSON: Listen, I’m being straight up with you, there is.

COLLINS: Well, of course there is. It’s flattering, that’s the way it is.

BRONSON: Exactly, it’s because you’ve made music that is literally a perfect bed for anything! It’s good to be rapped, sang beautifully by a songbird, whatever. It’s timeless stuff.

COLLINS: You know, I’ve got a folder on my iTunes of “In The Air” covers and it’s just…

BRONSON: I can imagine! [Laughs]

COLLINS: I’ve got schmaltzy saxophone players and I’ve got lots of rappers doing it and Lil’ Kim and all that lot. People that have done it on records and some quirky things I’ve been sent and told about.

Head over to Stereogum if you would like to read the entire interview Action Bronson conducted with Phil Collins.

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