Is there a more entertaining persona in hip-hop right now than Action Bronson? While up at Hot 97 early this morning, Bronsolino gave one of the best interviews of the year, full of one-liners, stories of sex and drugs with a freestyle over Rick Ross' "Devil Is A Lie" sprinkled in. 

Towards the end of the 27-minute talk, Bronson delved into his pre-rapping days and revealed that he used to use human growth hormone while he was working out as a powerlifter. "I can't stay on the regiment right now because I'm on the road," said Bronson. "I need someone to administer [HGH].You have to grab the skin of your stomach to poke it with the insulin needle. I used to administer it to my arm and my butt cheek...

"I used to do 200-300 dips every other day, I used to be on it.  This was when I literally had nothing else to do. I was just working in the kitchen...I had a gall stone issue, I got scared and lost mad weight. I got down to like 225 but started taking the juice and got yokie."

Later, he gave a few details on the Party Supplies-produced single, "Easy Rider," and his upcoming release on Vice Records, Mr. Wonderfulwhich he does not have a release date for yet.

"I woulda been dropping music this whole year, honestly," said Bronson. "I thought I would give it a shot with the whole album thing and see how everything progresses with the the label situation. But you know, sometimes you get frustrated and you gotta make some moves, so it's time to move, we just shot the video [for "Easy Rider"].

"This album is not just a mish-mosh of singles with features on it. I have very rare features, like two or three. The album is me."