Action Bronson is out here actin' crazy. While down in Miami for the Rolling Loud festival, Bronson dropped by ESPN's Highly Questionable to chop it up with hosts Bomani Jones and Dan Le Batard. The hilarious interview covered Bronson's favorite studio experience while working on his upcoming album Mr. Wonderful, his habit of throwing fans off stage during shows and how his sex life has changed since his rap career took off. Here are the highlights:

On recording 'Easy Rider':

"I was in a little small apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn going through Turkish samples and psychadelic music on YouTube....From there on, I was just in a trance. There was salvia involved. There was sage being burned. There was Indians coming and singing in tribal anthems."

On battling with fans:

"In Boston, there was this kid who jumped up on stage while I was rapping...He jumps up, I catch him at the perfect point when he jumps up, clothesline, leg sweep. I folded him up in half like a piece of cheese, man. It was crazy. It was like hitting a baseball in the sweet spot...It was incredible."

On his sex life:

"[I've had] Crazy sex. Wild, risky sex in all types of different situations. Sex in different places, sex in different countries. It's outta control. I'm blushing."

Mr. Wonderful is due out Mar. 24. Check out the clip above. Action Bronson's latest track "Baby Blue" ft. Chance the Rapper dropped earlier this week. Watch him producer Mark Ronson and Zane Lowe, in a London studio creating the track together below.