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Action Bronson fans rejoice; the Queens native is teaming back up with Party Supplies for the final project in the popular Blue Chips trilogy. The rapper sent out the bat signal to Party Supplies via a series of Tweets on Sunday (July 12) afternoon and also teased an upcoming season of Fuck, That's Delicious and a new series called Cooking With Mr. Wonderful. Looks like we'll be getting plenty of new work from the former XXL Freshman.

Since emerging on the scene, Action has drawn comparisons to Ghostface and even Toney Starks gets confused every now and then when he hears a Bronsolino song. During a recent interview with ESPN, Bronson was once again asked about the similarities to Ghost Deini and claimed that Ghost "isn't rapping like this anymore":

After getting caught up in the news cycle for the comment, Bronson let off a series of since-deleted tweets that called out lazy journalists and said he meant no disrespect towards Ghost. A few of the tweets read, "Ghostface is an idol to me. In no way did I mean him disrespect at all in any way. To say I wasn't influenced by him and Wu would b [sic] a lie." and "With that being said media and journalist need to stop asking the same questions over and over we get it, its [sic] poor journalism."

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