Action Bronson's love of culinary delights and rap are both well-documented. It turns out that he loves animals too. Recently, the Queens rapper-turned-TV personality just saved two stray dogs from Turkey, and had them transported to New York as his own.

Bronson, who's The Untitled Action Bronson Show is still going strong, shared the special moment in a video post on Instagram. "THE DOGS WE RESCUED FROM TURKEY SHOWED UP AT THE UNTITLED ACTION BRONSON SHOW @bronsonshow IN BROOKLYN," Bronson wrote in the picture's caption. "THEY ARE GONNA HAVE THE BEST LIFE EVER MADE. 11:30pm @viceland SPECIAL THANK YOU TO MY BROTHER @marcdejesus FOR SCOOPING THEM UP AT JFK INTERNATIONAL."

In the video, Bronson rushes outside to a car to see his two new babies. He reveals that he's named them Gigi and Camacho, and that they are English Setters. Clearly smitten by his new pets, he exclaims, "They are gonna have the best life possible." Kudos to loving dog owners like Bronson.

Unfortunately, Bronson had some sad pet news recently. In September 2017, his beloved dog Coco passed away. The dog was 18 years old, and clearly meant a lot to Action. In the caption of one of the Instagram photos he dedicated to his deceased pet, he expressed just how special Coco was to him. "COCO IS SO MUCH MORE THAN A DOG," Bronson said of his furry friend. "HE IS OUR TEACHER OUR HEALER AND OUR SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR. I LOVE HIM AND MISS HIM MORE THAN I COULD EVEN HANDLE. HE WENT WITH A STOMACH FULL OF THE FINEST JAPANESE A5 BEEF THAT COULD POSSIBLY BE OBTAINED A MIND FULL OF SOUR BEING HELD BY HIS PARENTS. THIS MAN COULD NEVER BE REPLACED. 1999-2017 @cyclop3z."

Watch the video of Bronson's new dogs below.

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