This past weekend, hundreds of thousands of women hit the streets across the world to stand up against President Donald Trump. The rallies were held on Saturday (Jan. 21), a day after Trump was inaugurated, in protest of Trump and his plans to appoint a Supreme Court justice who opposes abortion and dismantle a health care act that covers contraception. Pink "pussy hats" were widely worn by women at the marches in reference to Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women on tape months before the election, and the spirit of the protest seemed to advocate for equal rights and equal pay for women.

This morning (Jan. 23), TDE rapper Ab-Soul wondered out loud what the purpose of the marches was. "What does equality of the sexes really mean to you??? What exactly are we fighting for??? I need specifics," he said. "I assure u this subject is dear to me, what steps can Men take to genuinely support these notions?"

He then addressed the issue of abortion, saying he isn't anti-abortion but believes women should take responsibility for their pregnancies. "I'm not anti-abortion, but shouldn't we be having sex responsibly by now anyway? Unless raped, a woman is just as responsible for the act than the man is.

"Based on my mentions this has a lot, if not the bulk, to do with our sexual relationships n the double standards that follow," he continued. "Accidents do happen. But we shouldn't b having unprotective sex unless we can handle the duties of procreation. Are we abusing sex? Are men having more affairs with "taken" women than women are having with "taken" men? Lookin like 50/50."

Then he asked ladies to "give me a few specific opportunities withheld from you as an American woman." When one woman said "walking down the street" and getting "cat called," Soulo responded, "You'd prolly b more frustrated if they didn't cat call at all." He later said he was being sarcastic: "Obvious sarcasm on my behalf, but beauty is powerful. Flowers were designed to be admired. Not all of us know how to tend to a garden tho."

He also encouraged women not to feel restrained by their sex. "I have many successful female friends who push for the impossible! Inspiring me to do the same! Don't let your gender hinder your growth."

Many seemed confused by Soulo's comments, given that his latest album Do What Thou Wilt seems to address the importance of women in our society today. Even TDE co-president Terrence "Punch" Henderson" hopped on Twitter and asked Soulo what he was doing, to which the rapper responded, "I'm talking to the ladies Zordon."

TDE is known to troll heavily online, so perhaps this is all for show. Peep what Ab-Soul had to say on Twitter above.

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