Ab-Soul unleashes the music video for "Womanogamy," track five from the TDE artist's latest project, Do What Thou Wilt.

Throughout the Yellow Nguyen-directed clip, which you can watch above, Soulo surrounds himself with fine women while having to deal with lame dudes and imposters. At the end of the five-and-a-half minute visual, the Black Hippy MC consults a fortune teller and sees his future.

The song itself is about Ab-Soul's dating preferences, as the 29-year-old California rapper coins the term "womanogamy" (liking girls who like other girls).

"I'm a Pisces, I got Aphrodite in my back/Pocket on the ring of my keys/Hope her and her son Eros get where they supposed to go/They playin' tug of war with me, and I can't bend no more," Soulo spits. "I'm too emotional for that, but I don't show it/If I'm two fishes tied by the tail, then where I'm goin'?/Hold that thought, next scene, shit, it would be the moaning/I give her morning wood, then roll my wood up in the morning."

In case you missed it, one of Ab-Soul's peers in the game, Lupe Fiasco, just gave the album a full review. It seems Lupe is generally pleased with the 16-track body of work.

“With this understanding of language he elevates the common and the banal to a kind of high ornamental vulgarity fit for the average Joe," Lupe writes. "But it’s when he brings this skill set to subjects of the socially esoteric and the hermeneutical that AbSoul IT’s alchemical mastery shines and impresses, questioning the roots of social quo and provoking re-examination of the source with ease and experience.”

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