For years, fans have salivated over the idea of Black Hippy releasing a group project. While they have admitted on countless occasions that an album was merely a pipe-dream, Ab-Soul did have some interesting things to say about his group. Despite Black Hippy never releasing a project, he was very adamant about his group's skill-set and acknowledged that they were indeed the "dopest group ever with no album." Here's what he said during his interview with Stashed.

“You know what’s crazy? I think we are the dopest group ever with no album,” Ab-Soul said. “No project. It’s not even a mixtape that we have…There’s no Black Hippy album or project or anything. We probably don’t even have 10 full Black Hippy songs. And you guys are just going so crazy…In essence Black Hippy was designed to, you know, creatively bring all of our audiences or trap all of our audiences in one room. You feel what I’m saying? That’s what it in essence is. More than it is about being a group…I’m sure they’ll sit us down eventually to do it.”

Well, at least there's a glimmer of hope with Ab-Soul saying it's a possibility. In April, Kendrick Lamar said that the group would drop a couple of freestyles for the fans in need of new music.

As for Ab-Soul, his album, These Days, is in stores now.