A$AP Nast unleashed a flurry of posts criticizing Travis Scott on Instagram today (Jan. 6). The Harlem, N.Y. rhymer feels La Flame is jacking the A$AP Mob's style, particularly by wearing the Stone Island brand.

"Travis, we don't want no beef with you bro," A$AP Nast says in an Instagram post he has since deleted. "All we're saying is please stop stealing our swag bro. Find your own bro. That's all we want."

Nast made a point to say that he enjoys Travis Scott's music. But, the rapper is frustrated with Scott jacking his style.

"I actually fuck with your music," A$AP Nast says. "Your music is fire. I ain't no hater. I don't want n---as to think I'm salty. I ain't salty. I fuck with his music. But his style! That doesn't belong to him. It's mine."

The A$AP Mob member acknowledged that he's not the first to wear Stone Island, obviously, but says he's one of the first that mattered.

"No, I'm not the first n---a rocking Stone Island, the first n---a to throw Nike, I ain't the first nothing," A$AP Nast continued. "But I am the first East Coast rap n---a to ever be wearing Stone Island fo sho that anybody knows and gives a fuck about. That's for the record."

A$AP Nast said that the only rappers wearing Stone Island before him were in London and Paris, which he acknowledges.

"Yo, just for the record, only n---as that was rocking Stone Island before me was London n---as and Paris n---as," A$AP Nast explained. "And them my n---as, I salute."

Check out a few of the posts directed at Travis Scott below. More can be found on A$AP Nast's Instagram page.

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